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GP Recycling’s programs diverts paper, plastic and metal from landfills in order to avoid waste
and help minimize the environmental impact of your business. Our recycling programs are unique and custom-designed to help meet, and even exceed, your sustainability goals.


We recognize the importance of helping our customers prosper economically while fulfilling their social responsibility to the environment. Our strong global relationships provide reliable and consistent outlets for your material. Through collaborative analysis, we will deliver options for managing your recyclables in order to provide you with cost savings and efficiencies.

Environmental Beliefs and Strategies

At GP Recycling, we seek to operate with environmental responsibility. We are always exploring new and more efficient ways to recapture fiber from non-conventional sources.

Environmental Beliefs

  • Strive to be an environmental role model in the industry
  • Strengthen the global recycled fiber market
  • Promote environmental responsibility for future generations

Environmental Strategies

  • Develop pilot programs with large retailers of office products, commercial buildings and school systems
  • Lead industry with advanced online ordering and information management
  • Offer imaginative, efficiency-driven solutions in the global supply chain of recovered fiber

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