GP Recycling is one of the largest pure traders of recycled fiber in the world, trading in excess of 100,000 tons per week. By focusing on close relationships with suppliers and customers rather than solely on market timing, we have built a collaborative network of trading partners around the world.

GP Recycling is an exclusive supplier to the Georgia-Pacific mill system.

GP Recycling recycles paper, plastics and metals worldwide.

GP Recycling has strategic plant locations across the country.

Our History

  1. 1970

    Harmon was established as a strong regional fiber trading company specializing in selling kraft grades to containerboard and gypsum mills.

  2. 1980

    Fort Howard Paper Company purchases Harmon. Harmon begins procuring wastepaper for 100 percent recycled mills and establishes brokerage business.

  3. 1997

    Fort Howard merges with James River to form Fort James Corporation.

  4. 2000

    Harmon’s brokerage business continues to grow and the company assumes responsibility for Fort James wastepaper mills. As trading business in the U.K. and Europe increases, Harmon International is formed. Georgia-Pacific acquires Fort James.

  5. 2001

    Harmon integrates three Georgia-Pacific businesses: wastepaper purchasing for Georgia-Pacific’s containerboard mills, marketing of recyclable materials from box plants, and consolidation of Harmon and Georgia-Pacific recycling operations.

  6. 2003

    Harmon assumes responsibility for purchasing recovered fiber for Georgia-Pacific plants in the UK, France and the Netherlands.

  7. 2005

    Harmon launches an environmentally centered pilot program to generate recovery from non-conventional resources. Koch Industries acquires Georgia-Pacific.

  8. 2006

    The purchase of Miami-based Future Fibers helps to expand GP Harmon’s South American presence.

  9. 2007

    Harmon and Remizzo Inc. form Harmon Associates Indian Private Ltd. (HAIPL) with a new logistics office in Mumbai.

  10. 2008

    Harmon service capabilities expand to include behind-the-store pick-ups and less-than-truckload quantities.

  11. 2009

    Harmon changes it’s name to GP Harmon Recycling to reflect it’s position as a leader in international paper, aluminum and plastic recycling.

  12. 2013

    GP Harmon Recycling acquires a plastic recycling facility in Elizabethton, TN to further enhance its plastic capabilities. GP Harmon Recycling becomes a key stakeholder in the formation of Georgia-Pacific Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, providing marketing of GP products in China – including GP Harmon Recycling products.

  13. 2016

    GP Harmon Recycling buys out share ownership of Remizzo Inc., thereby assuming 100% ownership of HAIPL.

  14. 2019

    GP Harmon Recycling changes its name to Georgia-Pacific Recycling.

Global Markets


In 2013, Georgia-Pacific Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. was established to expand GP Recycling’s ability to serve the Chinese marketplace, the world’s largest market for recovered fiber exports. Having supplied this market for many years, GP Recycling’s expertise in the marketplace is enhanced by a physical presence in China.


Harmon Associates India Private Limited – Founded in 2008, GP Recycling’s office in Mumbai was established to provide complete after-sales service to an extensive India customer base, along with quality administration capability. Today, this office has expanded beyond Indian customers to provide 24/7 support services across broad business segments of GP Recycling.


GP Recycling’s programs divert paper, plastic and metal from landfills in order to avoid waste and help minimize the environmental impact of your business. Our recycling programs are unique and custom-designed to help meet, and even exceed, your sustainability goals.

Environmental Beliefs and Strategies

Strive to be an environmental role model in the industry.

Strengthen the global recycled fiber market.

Promote environmental responsibility for future generations.

Test and implement programs with large retailers of office products, commercial buildings and school systems.

Lead the industry with advanced online ordering and information management.

Offer imaginative, efficiency-driven solutions in the global supply chain of recovered fiber.


Check out more about our commitment to recovering plastics.

At GP Recycling, we seek to operate with environmental responsibility. We are always exploring new and more efficient ways to recapture fiber from nonconventional sources.